Stripfoil mini

deblister machine


The Stripfoil Mini offers the same mechanism with the ease of cleaning and quick adjustment as the Mini Pro but is smaller and lightweight so can be easily stored away from the work area when not in use.

The Stripfoil Mini is often purchased in conjunction with our premium, automatic Stripfoil Pharma system to recover small batches of medication.


  • AFFORDABLE AND EASY TO USE without the requirement of specialist skills
  • QUICKER THAN MANUAL RECOVERY with a rate of more than 20 blisters per minute
  • PREVENTS RSI INJURY with no manual deblistering required
  • QUICK CHANGEOVER between products
  • QUICK SETTING FUNCTION for regularly spaced products


  • FLEXIBILITY to adjust individual rings for recovery of irregular blisters
  • COMPLETELY PORTABLE with no power requirements
  • RECOVERS MOST BLISTER PACKS including Alu/Alu, PVC/foil and child resistant
  • SEPARATES RECOVERED PRODUCT from the empty blister