hybrid dispensing robot

Automating Pharmacies


At Clover 51 we are committed to helping pharmacies, hospitals and Wholesalers improve the management of medicines and prescriptions via our unique hardware and software solutions. Clover 51’s aim is to increase patient safety while also lowering time spent dealing with every day tasks like stock management. Our solutions help to improve efficiencies, create a calm working environment and allow pharmacies to increase patient services by freeing up resources.


Dispensing Robots

Increase the efficiency of work in the pharmacy without additional burden for staff. Full integration with allow not only for quick drug release, but also for drug batch verification and inventory audit.

Fablox 2.0

24/7 Prescription Collection

Make prescription storage & collection easy with our Scriptlife software and Pharmaself24 Collection machine.


Medybox 24/7 vending solution

MDS Pouch Packaging

Tablet packaging machines designed to automate your mds production. Increase patient safety and reduce labour easily. Mds has never been made so effortless.


Epos & Card

Celia® MDS
Blister Robot

& Filling

Pharmaself24 prescription collection