Made for your pharmacy space!

The creation of the Fablox robot was guided by the idea of maximum optimisation of space in the pharmacy. Numerous consultations and studies with pharmacists proved to us that the one biggest issue for the  installation of robotic dispensing system (RDS) is the problem of space availability. The revolutionised Fablox system allows you to replace traditional racks with storage modules.

Sounds incredible right? 

Fablox robots start at a depth of 75 cm! Each storage module is 75cm in length and configurable up to 330cm high. This means the possibilities of adapting the space in a pharmacy are practically endless.

The ease of use of the Fablox system allows you to increase the efficiency of work in the pharmacy without additional burden for staff. Full integration with pmr systems allow not only for quick drug release, but also for drug batch verification and inventory audit. All the processes taking place in the machine are automatic, thanks to which the pharmacist can focus on professional patient service.

Fablox 2.0