Cyber high speed dispenser

high speed pharmacy robot

Cyber High Speed Pharma Dispenser is an automatic robotic dispenser, equipped with a robotic arm to optimise picking and drugs management.

The medication needed is picked up by the robot and delivered directly in the drop-off point, that can be placed anywhere according to your needs and preferences.

If necessary, in case of a more distant location, we can design a tailor-made solution to carry the products directly to the counter.

Thanks to the “Stock-to-light sentinel” technology, you will be guided by led lights for the correct refilling of stock. Refilling is carried out at the back of the machine and the chance of error is drastically reduced, thanks to this technology.

A great advantage is the possibility to perform refilling and picking at the same time, without having to interrupt your service towards the clients, optimising the process.

Customisable colour.