Scriptlife prescription storage & collection software

Scriptlife simplifies the storage and management of prescriptions for collection. It does not matter if the prescription bag is being stored on a shelf, fridge, safe or a collection locker, scriptlife takes care of it all. By automating the process, pharmacies can concentrate on other aspects knowing that scriptlife provides an accurate overview of current prescription statuses.

Connect via your local network from any pc or device as scriptlife has a web browser user interface meaning fully compatible with any device with a web browser. Using barcode technology and an encrypted database, scriptlife has patient safety in mind.

Pharmacies no longer have to try and use an alphabetic storage system, just find space available and let scriptlife manage the journey of the prescription and notify the patient for collection. Reduce those phone enquiries checking if prescription is ready.

Staff no longer have to manage how long prescription has been stored on a shelf. all the information is available at the touch of a button.