Blister Julia

BlisterJulia® – the light-guided filling aid for mds blisters

Personalised weekly medication is undoubtedly a sustainable means of active customer loyalty in the pharmacy. This service wants to be organised. Bulk and cassette automations are often too complicated to get started with. BlisterJulia®   is a standalone system or can complement Celia® . It offers the light-guided sorting of the patient medication using the comprehensive OCelium R2® software. This is the entry point into personalised weekly medication.

• Comprehensive documentation

• Process safety via barcode technology

• Traceability & Transparency

• Photo documentation

• Batch tracking

• Medication Needs Assessment

• Stock forecast

• Fills all types of blister cards

• Patient medication planner/calendar


Blister Julia makes mds simpler with its easy to use OCelium R2® An up to date national drug database with notifications when new updates are available. OCelium R2® is intuitive and manages patients medication at the touch of a button. A reporting module allows the user to understand exactly what work has been done and drug requirements. Take a step forward with BlisterJulia.

Small space requirement allows BlisterJulia to fit in any pharmacy space. A web browser connection within pharmacy network means staff can verify blisters or work on administration side while another team member is filling blisters.