Unique and precise real-time filling inspection.


Intuitive application and touchscreen control.


All actions are automatically registered and digitally recorded.


On identity and quantity.


Control and release remotely or at a later moment.


If filled incorrectly – no release.

TraySee Product Overview

Secure inspection

Manually filling a tray to add small amounts of medicines to a drug distribution system is labour-intensive and time-consuming. This is particularly true because errors slow down the process at a later stage and can have serious consequences for patients.

With TraySee, manual filling becomes easier, more accurate and time efficient. It is as accurate and controls the manual addition in real time, making an in-process control of the filling almost superfluous.

Check, check, double check

How does it work? The touchscreen shows which medicine has to be taken where, and the position of the box that has to be filled also lights up. TraySee inspects the manual operations and records everything digitally. The added medication is inspected in real time for identity and quantity. For example, if a whole pill is added instead of half a pill, TraySee will immediately indicate that it is incorrect and needs to be repaired. If the tray has not been filled correctly, it will not be released. This prevents incorrect filling of medication bags and subsequent repairs.

It is possible to check, possibly by a second person, and release remotely or at a later time. This can be done simultaneously or afterwards. TraySee scans and verifies the drug package by scanning the barcode. Everything is digitally recorded and archived (film and photo).

      Features and benefits


  • Touchscreen control
  • Medicines are recognized from the database
  • Highly sensitive – identifies tablets according to shape, color and size
  • Medication packaging is photographed, and the barcode is checked
  • Clearly visible or correctly filled
  • Remote monitoring and distribution or at a later moment, possibly by another person
  • Consistent and highly accurate, real-time fill inspection
  • RFID login
  • Possibility to set a PIN code for security
  • Adjustable levels of security (users vs. rights)
  • Online support