Reliable inspection & highest quality.

At the moment, the Pouch Inspector is the fastest pouch inspection machine with up to 5 pouches per second and impressively accurate.Functional, compact design, carefully selected materials and self-learning software, ensures that our products are easy and pleasant to use.


Inspects up to 5 pouches per second which is approximately 18.000 pouches per hour.


Using state of the art technology and up-to-date software.


Aesthestic design is as important as functionality. A combination of carefully selected materials in a compact design makes our products easy and pleasant to use.


Intelligent, automatic detection of new tablets, analysis and data integration.


Intuitive functionality is an important part of our design process.

Fast, accurate and user-friendly

The Pouch Inspector is a stand-alone inspection machine that scans the packaged pouches, verifies the content of the pouches with the ordered medication and customer details and documents the results for further reference.

A roll of pouch strips is placed on the Pouch Inspector. It will instant scan photographically at a speed of 3-5 pouches per second (180-300 pouches per minute). No need to push a button, just swipe it through the machine.

The content of each pouch is automatically compared with the prescribed medication and customer details and the results are stored in the database for processing and documentation.

Unknown tablets are marked and automatically integrated into the analysis without process interruption. The inspection status of each pouch is immediately displayed on the screen. The results of an order can either be displayed on the touchscreen or at a separate PC and the pouches are accordingly manually checked and corrected before the order is approved for dispatch.

The Pouch Inspector has an approval rate of 98%, which means only 2% of the pouches needs to be examined visually. This can be done by using the web application.

Features and benefits

  • Extremely fast – inspects 3-5 pouches per second
  • Highly sensitive – identifies tablets according to shape, color and size
  • Impressively accurate – 98% of the scans are auto-approved
  • Intelligent, self-learning system – automatic detection of new tablets, analysis and data integration
  • Compact and aesthetic designed table-top machine
  • No process interruption due to unknown tablets
  • User-friendly, intuitive application and touchscreen operation
  • Compatible with all known pouch packaging machines
  • Flexible – accepts full spools and short strips of pouches for inspection
  • Integrated database
  • Integrated remote connection to our Service Center (for support and training)
  • Using a Web-Application (the PI database can be accessed from any PC in the network for checking the PI results, archiving data and monitoring validation processes)