Swisslog designs, develops and delivers best-in-class automation solutions for forward-thinking health systems, warehouses and distribution centers. We offer integrated systems and services from a single source – from consulting to design, implementation and lifetime customer service. Behind the company’s success are 2500 employees worldwide, supporting customers in more than 50 countries. Swisslog is a member of the KUKA Group, a leading global supplier of intelligent automation solutions.





Evotec virtual shelf
Unipick channel robot
TwinTec channel robot
Dreamtec hybrid robot

The Evotec has a smart stock management system. It is configurable with one or two robotic arms.The second arm moves autonomously, but during the busy workflows they work together, in unison. With 180 degree rotation on its axis, each robotic arm is able to load or unload products on the right or left shelves.

The dispensing system combines the simultaneous ejection of packs from the channels with the vertical movements of the unloading conveyor belt. The conveyor belt moves up and down without stopping while the channels dispense the packs which are then delicately collected by the conveyor belt. 


The Twintec with its 1,40 or 2,80 mt. modules is confi gurable and adaptable ( on the same line, on L, on 2 lines…)The radio scanner reads CIP, EAN 13 and DATAMATRIX codes from considerable distance in order to refi ll the stock with the maximum efficiency.



The Dreamtec is a hybrid system. It combines the strengths of a system with real drawers with the storage density advantages of the virtual drawers. This kind of full stock management is a unique and distinctive feature in the Automation world. This system is defined as sequential because it allows the user to manage three independent working lines at the same ti me.