Dispensing Robots

Riedl Phasys: German Tech, Italian Style

The automation revolution: speed, reliability, accuracy and a tailor-made design for your pharmacy.

RIEDL Phasys is the system for the automated distribution of drugs in pharmacies. It is the result of a partnership between a group of German engineers who have been working in the pharmacy automation sector for over twenty years and the GPI Group, which has been designing and developing IT solutions and services for health and social care in Italy and abroad for over thirty years


Cyber Light Dispenser

Modernise your pharmacy. Cyber Light Dispenser easily integrates into every pharmacy and it adapts perfectly to the existing layout.

Modular system with a footprint starting at less than 0.7msq. Low cost and high efficiencies

Light to pick dispenser
Pharmacy dispenser


HSD High Speed Pharma Dispenser

Cyber robotic high speed machine for the storage and automatic dispensing of medicines.

HSD allows extremely high picking and delivery speed

Picking and refilling can be done simultaneously

With user friendly interface and user software. HSD is easy to operate and manage